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Surveillance is a fundamental part of primary investigations and is applied for a number of reasons, primarily in order to obtain hard evidence for matrimonial, proving or disproving infidelity, domestic, fraud, criminal & commercial cases.


Specialist skills, experience and technology are utilised by our surveillance investigators in order to accomplish their responsibilities.

Our surveillance experts record lawful, true evidence through a variety of methods, mainly through irrefutable video and photographic and written reports depending on the desired end goal.

Our operatives are fully equipped with the latest equipment, which

are carefully selected for your bespoke personal investigation, all

investigators at M Private Investigations operate under a strict

ethical and moral code so court complaint and all evidence gained

is acquired lawfully.

Our Confidential Surveillance

Male and Female Agents
Operate all over the UK and Travel Overseas.

We also have Professional Surveillance Operatives Worldwide who assist our Team Operations.

Our experienced agents display a professional attitude and have the necessary qualifications and experience. They have backgrounds in Government Special Protection Units, Police Service and the British Armed Forces, and are well-prepared to find solutions to any task they are assigned.


Mobile Surveillance

Required to gain evidence on one or more subjects.

A team of agents are deployed who communicate with each other as they move from one location to another. Depending on the assignment agents can travel by motorbikes, cars, public transport and foot.

Written reports are provided for the client compiled by each agent including video and photographic evidence.

Rural Surveillance

Rural Surveillance is where agents are deployed with specialist equipment to remain covert and to blend in with the surrounding area.

written reports including video and photographic evidence are provided for the client.

Business Trip Surveillance

A cheating spouse often uses the opportunity to engage in an extramarital affair when away on a short break or business trip without their spouse or partner.

When away from the routines of normal daily life and in another environment the cheaters relax and stop being careful about who could see them together. ​

Business trip surveillance is highly effective to gain facts to discover for sure what is really happening. Written reports including video and photographic evidence are provided for the client.

Static Surveillance

Static Surveillance is most often required to gain evidence at one location to gain information of activity at one address. One agent is deployed and written reports including video and photographic evidence are provided for the client.

Cohabitation Surveillance

Where it is believed that an ex-partner is breaching the terms of a matrimonial maintenance agreement or the divorce settlement by cohabiting with another individual. The court requires evidence of the change of circumstance. Written reports including video and photographic evidence are provided for the client.

 Corporate Surveillance

Our specialist surveillance and observation teams will provide detailed intelligence on movements of individuals & the activities of employers or other organisations depending on the task.The corporate surveillance teams work together gathering intelligence that is used to combat fraud, Asset tracing / tracing individuals, litigation support, background vetting, blackmail and industrial espionage. Written reports including video and photographic evidence are provided for the client.


Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance techniques are implemented to identify if a subject is under a surveillance and to assess if they are a target for any potential threat to their business, themselves or their family. These specialised agents work with the close protection team. 

Written reports including video and photographic evidence are provided for the client.

 Protective Surveillance 

Protective Surveillance is often a preferred method of protection for a HNW individual or a person in the media. The security team operates inconspicuously from a distance therefore reducing impact on the person's daily schedule. The team often operate and plan with the counter surveillance agents.

Buildings and assets are also covertly protected by this method when required. Agents can be deployed long term or as a standalone service.

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Working Together


We will discuss your situation in detail and conduct any necessary background

checks required for the operation, usually the surveillance will be conducted

sporadically over a three week period and we have a mix of male and female

operatives who will alternate the visits to avoid any suspicion.

Our operatives will observe and evidence gather whilst remaining

inconspicuous, they will apply various techniques, are well prepared and adaptable.


Whether it is static observations, following on foot or in rural environments

they can be deployed in extensive or intimate teams throughout the UK and abroad.

We can discuss your budget to decide the best approach to work within it,

you will be kept informed and updated throughout the investigation/s in

addition to the evidence obtained. Our operatives are highly trained and

experienced, fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment, which

will be tailored for your specific requirements in the aim of achieving the

desired outcome. All information discussed with our clients is treated with strict

confidence and utmost discretion.

Surveillance is an indispensable component of primary investigations, providing valuable evidence for a variety of cases. At M Private Investigations, our experienced and skilled surveillance investigators utilise specialised skills, advanced technology, and ethical practices to obtain irrefutable evidence for matrimonial, infidelity, domestic, fraud, criminal, and commercial investigations. When you choose us for your private investigation needs, you can trust that our team will work diligently to gather accurate and compelling evidence to support your case.

Quick message to let you know that today we won the case and your clear observation reports made a massive difference to this success. With respect and many thanks. 

G. Hail August 2016 

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