Surveillance is a fundamental part of primary investigations and is applied for a number of reasons, primarily in order to obtain hard evidence for matrimonial, proving or disproving infidelity, domestic, fraud, criminal & commercial cases.


Specialist skills,experience and technology are utilised by our surveillance investigators in order to accomplish their responsibilities.

Our surveillance experts record lawful, true evidence through a variety of methods, mainly through irrefutable video and photographic and written reports depending on the desired end goal.

Specialist Surveillance Investigators

Our operatives are fully equipped with the latest equipment, which

are carefully selected for your bespoke personal investigation, all

investigators at M Private Investigations operate under a strict

ethical and moral code, court compliant and all evidence gained

is acquired lawfully.

Please see below a few main categories where surveillance is applied:


  • Fraud – Insurance / benefit / Illness / injury

  • Employee negligence / theft

  • Suspected cheating spouse

  • Cohabitation

  • Matrimonial

  • Personal Injury

  • Evidence of wrongful action in a civil suit

  • Intelligence gathering 

  • Blackmail, Bribery and Corruption ​

  • Counter Surveillance

Cohabitation Surveillance

If you believe that your ex-partner is breaching the terms of your matrimonial maintenance agreement or the divorce settlement by cohabiting with another individual, then you will need to provide evidence of this to the courts.

Hiring a professional investigator will determine the facts by observing and producing a tailored report specifically for your requirements, this can be used as evidence to prove or support your case subject to the findings, this preferred option ultimately can save you a substantial amount of money in the long term.


Very often the courts will favour those who do not have a fixed address and the other ex-partner can suffer financially due to this, payments agreed are often conditional if the recipient is not living with someone else as a cohabiting couple.

Or there maybe a current agreement in place whereby maintenance is to be sustained until the other ex-spouse cohabits or remarries, if you suspect this to be the case it is worth investigating as lawfully your ex-partner is in breach of the agreement and you are not accountable to continue the payments. You must provide legally obtained proof to validate your suspicions.

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Corporate Surveillance


Our specialist surveillance and observation teams will provide detailed intelligence on movements of individuals & the activities of employers or other organisations depending on the task.

The corporate surveillance teams work together gathering intelligence that is used to combat fraud, Asset tracing / tracing individuals, litigation support, background vetting, blackmail and industrial espionage.


Any movement or evidence collated will be documented in a comprehensive report once the operation for the day has been completed.

Working together


We will discuss your situation in detail and conduct any necessary background

checks required for the operation, usually the surveillance will be conducted

sporadically over a three week period and we have a mix of male and female

operatives who will alternate the visits to avoid any suspicion.

Our operatives will observe and evidence gather whilst remaining

inconspicuous, they will apply various techniques, are well prepared and


Whether it is static observations, following on foot or in rural environments

they can be deployed in extensive or intimate teams throughout the UK and


We can discuss your budget to decide the best approach to work within it,

you will be kept informed and updated throughout the investigation/s in

addition to the evidence obtained. Our operatives are highly trained and

experienced, fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment, which

will be tailored for your specific requirements in the aim of achieving the

desired outcome. All information discussed with our clients is treated with

strict confidence and utmost discretion.

Prices start at £60.00 per hour alternatively we can agree a bespoke surveillance package to meet your requirements. 

The link below provides information on the most popular surveillance packages

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