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accident locus investigations

Accident Locus & Incident Investigations

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Accident Investigations

Our skilled Private Investigators are frequently employed by law firms assisting their clients in legal matters, such as insurance claims and defence cases connected to traffic crashes and accidents that result in injury.

Our services are also available to private individuals and businesses who need to determine the extent of any physical accident-related injuries or potential financial loss. Private Investigator provides third-party reports to stand as evidence to dispute a claim or for a court hearing.

Accidents may involve motor vehicles; destruction of or damage to property or possessions; personal injury; and legal or medical problems. Incidents can be thoroughly examined along with our expertise in examining workplace accidents, industrial accidents, and public liability claims.

Staged Accidents

Critical to compensation is fraud. which is where surveillance investigations can play a significant role in helping to establish the facts. For example, surveillance can determine if an individual is executing a task that they say an injury has rendered them incapable of undertaking. Fraudulent claims should be investigated, together with the accident's circumstances and any witnesses, in order to establish who was at fault. 

Locus Report

Our road traffic accident investigators are capable of researching and reconstructing the site of the accident

and provide the Locus report.

The purpose of the LOCUS report is to explain and identify the physical facts of how and where an accident or incident occurred. It is a formal document composed of several different pieces of evidence. When the overall document is split down, it will include items like sketches of the site, pictures, locally relevant information, damaged vehicles, possessions and buildings, and the agent's written report. 

Trace a Witness

Our supporting trace team helps to locate any witnesses that could provide supporting evidence so we are able to obtain and corroborate evidence to assist the case.

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