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Legal Assistance
Every day M Private Investigators are obtaining outcomes quickly for solicitors, law firms, and the global legal community.
With Google 5-star ratings and a stellar reputation, our private investigators have proven to be exceptional, precise, and tenacious and assist with all legal situations, at all levels.

Please review a sample of the services we offer below. If your requirement is not listed feel free to contact us so we can offer our assistance. 

At M Private Investigations our dedication to professionalism, integrity, and excellence has made us a trusted partner for solicitors seeking investigative services. We understand that solicitors put their reputations on the line with every case they handle, and we're honored to be a part of their success. As solicitors continue to entrust us with their client's needs, we remain committed to delivering results that stand up to the highest legal standards.

Male and female agents travel abroad and operate throughout the UK.
Additionally, professional surveillance operators from around the world support our operations. Reasons for the service include but are not limited to:
Insurance, benefit, illness, injury, employee absence fraud 
Employee theft or carelessness
Spouse suspected of cheating
Individual Injury
Proof of wrongful behaviour in a civil case or criminal case 
Information gathering 
Blackmail, corruption, and bribery ​
Monitoring in reverse counter surveillance 
Protective Monitoring close protection Read More

If your client has become a victim of illegal listening devices, or electronic or technological surveillance of any kind, whether it be in a business setting, a vehicle, or a private residence, we are here to help. Team members with the highest levels of technical expertise are present. Where there are concerns that someone may be watching their computer, tablet, or phone without permission. Afterward, we can help. In order to protect privacy and safety, the threat must be stopped immediately. It's crucial to note and take pictures of the exact location where the equipment or gadget was found in order to properly document the discovery and prepare the report. The device is labeled, assigned a number, and put in an evidence bag. This is returned to the client for their personal use. Read More

Trace Assets
There are services available in the UK and abroad to track down and locate hidden assets. The information offered as having a reliable source may be used in court as proof to support any claims you make. Before commencing legal action, a subject should be investigated to see whether they are worth suing or not.

One of the parties to a divorce may not disclose all of their assets. Asset traces look for assets including, properties, stock holdings, estate interests, and directorships in corporations.

Read More

We also locate people's contact addresses through our Trace and Locate Service throughout the UK & Overseas

Read More

Overseas Trace For the overseas trace service please contact us so we can establish the work required and provide your quote. We are confident that if you are engaged in litigation of any kind, you are aware of the potential devastation that a finding of invalid service could cause. This is especially true in the case of pricey international litigation. If you need to check the identity and trace an individual for example in America before litigation please Read Here:

Finding new evidence that could be essential to your case requires the skills, resources, and expertise of a private investigator. Additionally, we are experts in locating and contacting prospective new witnesses who might support your defence.

A professional private investigator with experience in criminal defence will concentrate on finding proof that will affirm innocence or that will cast doubt on their guilt when conducting research for a criminal defence case. Our detectives have years of experience doing inquiries for private clients, barristers, and lawyers. Read More

Open Source Intelligence

Intelligence from open sources 
Cyber Investigators are specialised professionals in coding and intelligence who do in-depth internet searches on the surface web, deep web, and dark web, as well as on social media, photos, databases, government reports, and media. It can also include penetration testing (ethical hacking) of a firm's cybersecurity. The goal is to find information that cannot be obtained through regular searches to identify outside information about a person, group, criminal activity, or threat to your client or their company. Read More

Blackmail, Bribery and Corruption

The highly competent former detectives who make up our expert fraud investigation team have spent their entire careers investigating organised crime on a global scale and are fully aware of the need for anonymity.

It's likely that your client is unsure of all the circumstances that are vague and difficult to describe at the moment, you need expert reports as proof. Read More

Locus & Incident Investigations

Investigations into accidents
Our knowledgeable Private Investigators are commonly hired by law firms to aid their clients in legal matters, such as insurance claims and defence lawsuits linked to car accidents and other injury-causing incidents.
Private people and corporations who need to assess the severity of any physical accident-related injuries or potential financial loss can also use our services. Private Investigator offers third-party reports that can be used in court or as proof to refute an allegation. Read More

For the purpose of starting a conversation with a subject on behalf of the instructing client, our field agents go to a specified address in the UK and abroad.

There are numerous justifications for this private service, and most of them fall under one of the following categories:
Missing family

To serve as a mediator between the parties for a variety of reasons.

Tracking lost objects or Company property

Vehicle inquiries and Debtor tracking

When communication breaks down, manually deliver a Personal or Commercial letter. Read More


People can make more informed selections by checking backgrounds for either personal or professional reasons. They also assist in ensuring safety, whether it be for private, professional, or governmental purposes. Additionally, landlords might want to look into prospective tenants to see whether they have a history of problems or late rent payments. Our background checks are conducted by detectives in the U.K. and, when necessary, by our dependable partners abroad. In order to combat any fraudulent activity, this will provide assurance and also help validate or reject whether someone is who or what they claim to be.  We abide by all laws, including the Data Protection Act (DPA), and we won't accept any unlawful requests. Read More

Additional Due Diligence Services

Sanctions Anti Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) due diligence, checks, and reports for politically relevant due diligence on businesses and all linked parties, and worldwide.
FSA due diligence with global financial equivalents of crime.
extensive commercial analysis
background checks on directors' positions and interests. Read More

Legal Document Process Server Within the U.K.

Male and female agents serve all legal documents that are delivered by our process server agents dispersed across the UK, including the British Channel Islands, for a flat fee that includes up to 3 visits and our statement.

Email us your documents, and we will print, serve, and deliver them wherever in the UK or abroad. Normal service is 24 to 48 hours after receiving papers via email. Due to the nature of the situation, orders for immediate child care or non-molestation are given priority. Read More

Document Serve Out of UK Jurisdiction

A subject who is outside of the U.K.'s jurisdiction may need to receive service of process for documents issued by a U.K. court. We accept requests for serving legal documents anywhere in the world and frequently serve documents to a subject or corporation that is located overseas. If this is required, our international process servers will be tenacious and use every legal means at their disposal to ensure that the documents are delivered just as you have requested.  

Read More

Investigating Fraud
There are various situations in today's society where a fraud investigation is necessary. Please refer to our service list. Fraud is not typically a one-time offence. A wide range of fraud cases is examined and resolved by our fraud investigators.  Including:
Fraudulent Insurance
We have examiners in particular fields, such as those that look into external dangers to information and online fraud
Fraudulent Accounting
Home loan fraud
Fraud at private and commercial workplaces
If your case is not listed, please get in touch with us and let us know what kind of investigation you need so that an expert can help. Read More


Analysis of handwriting, blood, bodily fluids, DNA,

and fingerprints as they relate to criminal and civil laws.
We use a variety of rigorously regulated techniques and take care to preserve continuity throughout the process to undertake forensic examinations on samples and offer you an accurate report on what we discover. If the samples are clean prior to our investigation, we will back up our conclusions with proof and provide a report that may be filed by our investigators for court or legal purposes.

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When You Need Evidence 
Our UK investigators can help landlords with a variety of issues relating to rental homes and property management. These problems could include;
Antisocial behaviour
Overcrowding and Subletting
Residences with several tenants
Rent arrears  Read More

Contact us 
If your case matter is not listed, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. We provide a full range of investigation services. 

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