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The Application of Science to Criminal and Civil Laws

Fingerprints, Blood, Bodily fluids, DNA, and Handwriting Analysis.

We are able to perform forensic investigations of samples and give you an accurate report on what we uncover by using a range of meticulously regulated techniques and taking care to maintain continuity throughout the process. We will support our conclusions with evidence and generate a report that can be filed by our investigators for court or legal purposes if the samples are clean prior to our examination.

Drug & ALcohol Testing

In the UK, drug, and alcohol testing at the workplace has dramatically risen, with many well-known, well-respected firms taking the lead. These tests are now a crucial component of the hiring process.

Our pre-and post-employment drug and alcohol testing helps your business by identifying drug or alcohol abuse that could impair a candidate's ability to do a job safely. This guarantees that firms protect their operations, personnel, property, and reputation.

We provide specialised testing in collaboration with reputable laboratories for both onsite and offsite testing at nearby testing facilities, with initial findings available normally within 24 hours.
Positive outcomes are subject to additional examination, and the final results are made accessible normally in seven working days.

Our testing service examines a wide range of compounds, such as:


Cannabis & Cocaine
Benzodiazepines barbiturates

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