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Exployee exit due diligence m private investigations

Employee Exit Due Diligence Checks

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Do you have the laptops, tablets and phones of your departing employees inspected to check for signs of intellectual property theft?

Particularly those who could possibly work for a direct rival company?


Many businesses as part of the exit process for employees whether a voluntary departure, contract expiration, or retirement run checks on their company computers and mobile phones.


Today it is easier than ever for employees to easily steal your company's intellectual property via a USB memory stick or portable hard drive, followed by email attachments and cloud storage for example Google Drive or Dropbox. Customer details and lead lists can be stolen, research designs and development information pricing contract details, personal details and data, business private data, and other priceless information are typical targets for IP theft.


The majority of digital IP thefts leave a number of undetectable tracks on the machine or storage system where they were taken or stored.


In the face of overwhelming evidence and any possible future litigation, we investigate, preserve, and present the evidence of activity of the user's work computers, laptops, and mobile phones of the employee.


All Facts of Findings are compiled in an expert report.

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