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Handwriting and Document Fraud

Has your Signature Been Forged?

If you suspect that your signature has been forged, seeking professional assistance for a signature examination is crucial. This is especially common in documents such as Wills, Personal Guarantees, Loan Agreements, Mortgage documents, and Land Registry documents.


Our Forensic document examiners are specifically trained to meticulously analyse and compare signatures. Their expertise allows them to determine whether the signature in question aligns with your genuine signature or if it exhibits signs of forgery. Engaging a forensic document examiner can provide clarity and concrete evidence in cases of suspected forgery, aiding in legal matters and authentication concerns. 

Hand Writing Fraud

Upholding Justice

Our Forensic Document Examiners employ a combination of scientific principles, analytical tools, and expertise to provide valuable insights into the authenticity, origin, and alterations of documents. This meticulous examination serves as a crucial tool in upholding justice and uncovering the truth within the written word.

Forensic Signature Expert

Forensic Signature Experts

Our forensic signature experts possess expertise in comparing signatures across various documents to ascertain whether one of them is a forgery. The focus is on scientifically analysing and scrutinising the characteristics, patterns, and details within signatures to reach conclusions regarding authenticity or potential forgery. This process involves a systematic approach and adherence to forensic standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the findings.


Professional Experience

At M Private Investigations we are actively involved in providing expert advice for a diverse clientele, including Claimants, Defendants, and Prosecutors. These professional insights have been sought in numerous cases, spanning the United Kingdom and international jurisdictions.

Clients encompass Banks, Solicitors, Building Societies, Financial Institutions, International Companies, Police, Crown Prosecution Service, as well as participation in Arbitration and Employment Tribunals, County Court, and Magistrates Court.


Specialised Services:

  • Identification of Handwriting

  • Assessment of Signature Authenticity

  • Typescript Comparison

  • Examination of Altered Documents

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