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Whether you are a firm of solicitors, local authority, housing association, a company or a private client we keep you updated until we deliver your legal documents efficiently ensuring data protection laws are adhered to. 

Our litigation support services and process server agents are throughout the UK including the British Channel Islands and deliver all legal documents on a fixed fee with up to 3 visits included. As required we will collect from any U.K Court the legal documents to be served.


For your documents that need personally serving in a place of private residence, place of work, at a police station, prison or on a company our process servers work on your behalf and serve the document within the given timeframe.

We are ICO registered the details of all the individuals involved will remain confidential.

Private Clients 

More private clients are doing there own divorce on-line so require a third party to serve their papers to file with the courts. We will assist  when a spouse won’t consent to the divorce proceedings or has not returned the acknowledgement.

We are often required to urgently serve a non-molestation/occupational order. These matters are extremely time sensitive so as soon as you receive the papers contact us. We will quickly arrange service and return your statement promptly so you are protected.

Call 020 3930 3233

Evidence of Service

Once your documents are served we will complete and send to you all the relevant important paperwork for proof of service with Sworn Affidavits signed Statements of Service with exhibits of the documents that have been served.

Overseas Clients serving documents in the U.K.

Some overseas documents require additional attestation to comply with the Hague Protocol or may need to be notarised. So we offer a fast track service to assist your case.

As  required an enquiry agent can make discreet enquiries to physically check the address before you start initiating the court process.

Trace & Locate Service 

When you are unable to locate the subject to serve the documents we offer a trace and locate service on a no fee no trace arrangement.

If you are unsure on the whereabouts of an individual we have access to a range of databases for desk research to locate and trace the subject.

Need to Trace and Locate? 

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When you need an International process server

Contact +44(0) 20 3930 3233

 We have reciprocal agreements with law firms and process servers overseas

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Types of documents we serve

It is always recommended that documents are served by a professional who is not a party to the proceedings

  • N39 Order to attend court 

  • N79a Suspended CommitTal orders

  • N84

  • Occupation order

  • Possession order

  • Property injunctions

  • Prohibited steps order

  • Statutory Demands

  • Assault and trespass injunction

  • Bankruptcy Petitions

  • Divorce petitions

  • Family Proceedings and Children's act

  • Harassment act 1997 injunction

  • Landlord and tenant injunctions

  • Licensing Act

  • non-molestation order

  • Section 8 and section 21

  • Writs

  • Witness summons

  • Winding up petitions

  • SERVICE OF U.S PROCEEDINGS IN THE UK UNDER THE HAGUE CONVENTION U.S. and Canadian Transatlantic Process Service please contact us if your requirements are to serve via our Central Authority and we will be pleased to assist.


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