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ewhoring explained

Are you worried that your personal photographs have been exposed online or are in the hands of the wrong people? It's likely that you are unsure of whether you should or should not contact a private investigator firm because the circumstances are ambiguous and difficult to describe at the moment. 

Many victims may be unaware they have been defrauded online.

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eWhoring is online fraud that can come in a variety of shapes, from social media chit-chat to engaging in online personal photographs and information that has been shared in exchange for cash or commodities.

eWhoring is risky for the victim.  The victim runs the danger of negative social and health repercussions so needs to be contained. For those stealing intimate images, eWhoring is one way to monetise their activities.
The perpetrators only care is how much easy money they can make and have no concern about a victim's mental health and how it can disrupt the victim's livelihood. 

Understanding eWhoring and how eWhoring works.
This type of exploitation business model is a close relative of romance scams and catfishing also known as eWhoring, when the internet is used for deception as the bait to entice others into paying for online encounters. The perpetrators use people's photos—typically nude ones—that are either taken or released online and then sold often on the dark web, deep web, or other underground online forums. Victims' photographs are frequently sold in packs to other con artists worldwide who will use the images to create bogus online personas without the victims' knowledge or agreement, often earning themselves thousands of pounds at the victim's expense. 

The victims' pictures are frequently used by scammers to advertise sexual services while posing as the person in the pictures on dating, porn, webcam, and escorting websites, amateur pornography sites, classifieds, and gaming sites and forums that support a plethora of cybercrimes.

How can a Private Investigator help with eWhoring image-based sexual exploitation Investigations?

We understand that you could be in a position where you need evidence and are unable to stop this fraud. 
M Private Investigators' cyber team has the expertise and access to the dark web, deep web, or other online forums.  Plus other methods of investigation to locate the victims' photographs that have been posted online and to produce a thorough, in-depth report on the domains where these images have been utilised. These reports are provided for the victim so they can block the perpetrators, and most importantly protect themselves and others from this malicious crime. This type of exploitation can also be linked to blackmail where the victim is under threat to “pay or display” also to send malware to potential customers, by attaching the malware to the images or having them visit a website There are a number of ways malware and eWhoring can be monetised, such as keylogging to gain access to online accounts. When an eWhoring investigation is required contact us in confidence immediately so a cyber investigator can assist you.
All inquiries at M Private Investigations are 100% confidential, and we provide a free consultation.
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Contact us to set up a time for your free consultation with our cyber fraud investigator, regardless of if this is currently taking place or has already occurred, so we can determine how we can help.

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