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Fraud Investigations

In today's world, many conditions occur where a Fraud Investigation is required. Please see the list of our services. It is rare that Fraud is just a one-off crime. Our Fraud Investigators examine and resolve a broad array of fraud cases.  Including 

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Examiners in Specific areas such as Online Fraud and external threats to Information

  • False Accounting

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Private Commercial Workplace Fraud

Should your matter not be listed please contact us to tell us about your Investigation requirement so a specialist can assist you.


Workplace Fraud 

Workplace fraud can come in many forms, including embezzlement, taking of equipment, internal theft of company resources, payroll and computer-related offenses, data theft, and forgery. Services for small enterprises to large multinational corporations.

Copyright Infringement Fraud

Copyright infringement, often known as trademark infringement, includes everything from the sale of fake brand-name products to the replication and dissemination of works protected by copyright. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to intellectual property theft, thus the strategies our team uses will be uniquely customised to your situation. If your brand or company wants to find out who is exploiting your intellectual property, or if a government agency is trying to stop the sale of counterfeit goods so that the public is protected, then your intellectual property is either being used unlawfully or there are counterfeit items being sold.

Asset Fraud

Asset Fraud conceals assets in offshore accounts or undeclared bank accounts, or by utilising accounting methods to diminish the worth of enterprises or assets. This service is often required in pre-litigation matters including divorce cases.

Online Fraud

Cybercriminals and online scammers employ dishonest methods to earn money unlawfully while harming a third party. Internet fraud is when a fraudster presents a false impression online.

The internet has given con artists a plethora of chances to con people.

Sadly, many safety and preventative measures are ineffective in stopping fraud from being committed by the most skilled offenders. 

Scams can range from cryptocurrency to online dating when the fraudster aims for the personal information and bank details of a subject to steal another identity.
To combat cybercrime and online fraud, we utilise particular research techniques, and run background checks,

Online Blackmail

Online Identity theft to racial abuse, blackmail, and bullying are all examples of internet harassment, which can also include abusive, aggressive, threatening, racist, or explicit content. The fraudster's skill is at creating fake profiles and email addresses as they believe they cannot be found.

Fraud Investigations & Protection

If you think you have been taken advantage of, or if you need to guard yourself or your company against potential instances of fraud, we can offer assistance by having a fraud expert assist you with reputation management online, social media surveillance, IT forensics, data loss prevention, and retrieval. Forensic Fingerprint and Graphologists are deployed to assist with the case as required. 

Send us a few brief details about your Fraud Enquiry for a No-Fee Consultation Here:

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