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Carrying out background checks is a must when operating in any field and it involves looking into a potential business partner before entering into a contract or an agreement or investing with a third party. It is essential to remember that due diligence is considered a legal necessity; not completing it can result in legal action or further inquiry. Taking a deep dive into the history or professional experience of an organisation or people – going over past agreements, their standing, and results of fulfillment – may be part of this. Should any issues be identified, it will enable you to address them with the involved party and take the appropriate measures. The nature of each situation will vary depending on the individual case. Each assignment is assessed UK and Overseas as needed so that we can appoint the appropriate investigators with the necessary skills for your requirements. Should your matter not be listed please contact us to tell us about your Investigation requirement so a specialist can assist you.

A dedicated asset team uses all modern financial discovery methods and resources to successfully uncover the truth of assets. 
Asset tracking and tracing services, often used in conjunction with our Litigation Support and Financial investigation services, available in the UK and other countries overseas.

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Anonymous Evaluations UK and Overseas - Mystery Shopping - Test Purchasing - Employee Performance

Reports include video and photographic evidence examples of bespoke services have included:

  • Hospitality business chains, bars restaurants, and hotels

  • Department stores, luxury retail stores, supermarkets 

  • Health clubs, spas, and salons

  • Financial services, banks, insurance, Several franchises

  • Vehicle sales and rentals 

  • Travel tour operators, airlines, clubs, events, entertainment venues 

M Private Investigations has a solid industry reputation to perform anonymous evaluations of customer experience and the presentation of the Company Brand Standards, Company Policies, and Standards of Procedure.

Contact Anonymous Evaluation Service and let us know your Concerns. An Investigator will Respond.






This service assists businesses in the UK and internationally with compliant screening solutions with multi-lingual support on the different regulations in each country. The service is to appoint the best candidate(s) for the job to reduce recruitment costs and company reputation. Compliant with employment legislation to minimise the risk of fraud and theft. Service includes but is not limited to:

I.D. Checks  
Right-to-Work Checks
Business & Reference Checks
Credit Checks
Criminal Record Checks

Onsite and offsite drug and alcohol testing​

Volume Screening or a Single Candidate who provides written permission. 

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The Information Provided is Verified by Different Sources to Give an Accurate Background Check, on Whoever or Wherever the Subject of the Investigation is Situated UK or Overseas.

When deciding that there are no Major Concerns the Task is Aborted and No Records are Held.

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Covert attendances at any location UK and overseas are often required to provide more live time background information upon a subject of interest.

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Checks and reports for politically relevant due diligence on companies and all related parties,
Sanctions  Anti Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) due diligence worldwide.
FSA due diligence with international criminal financial equivalents.
Full commercial analysis
Directorships and interests background checks.

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