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5 star process server

Documents issued from a U.K. court may require to be served upon a subject out of the jurisdiction of the U.K. We routinely serve documents upon a business or a subject abroad and accept requests for serving legal documents anywhere in the world. If necessary, our overseas process servers will be tenacious and employ all direct techniques permitted by law to ensure that the documents are delivered exactly as you request.

Local Presence, Resources, and Connections with International Reach

M Private Investigations Associates are spread across Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa showcasing a truly international reach. This breadth allows us to address legal matters on a global scale, providing clients with a one-stop solution for their international service of process needs. 

Is the subject address unknown?

When the subject's address is unknown, we provide an advanced trace service worldwide to find the individuals involved before serving the papers to ensure they get to the correct recipient on time. We will need some basic information from you to start the links for the trace. 

Transatlantic litigation action.


We are confident that if you are engaged in litigation of any kind, you are aware of the potential devastation that a finding of invalid service could cause down the road. This is especially true in the case of pricey international litigation. If you need to check the identity and trace an individual in America before litigation please see here:

USA - Individuals database searching and tracing


Identity check and trace 


We verify the date of birth of a subject check for aliases, and provide contact details with any business profiles.

This service includes criminal and traffic records searches and social media searches.

Eire - Individuals database searching and tracing 

We trace a subject in Ireland and provide any directors' business affiliations, including judgments and insolvencies, plus linked property addresses registered on that County's Land Registry.

Let us assist you in determining the most efficient method for serving your documents.

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