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Criminal Defence 


Can the charge be proved?

When facing criminal or civil charges it can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

If you or your company have been falsely accused of a crime or have had false accusations brought against you, it may be a difficult and upsetting period. It might feel daunting and even impossible to defend yourself when you are facing criminal or civil allegations and trying to establish your innocence.

Private Investigator's skills, abilities, and resources are required to find fresh evidence that could be crucial to your case. We are also specialists at finding and getting in touch with potential fresh witnesses who can help your defence.

When conducting research for a criminal defence case, a specialised private investigator experienced in defense will focus on locating evidence that will support your innocence or that will raise doubts about your guilt. Our investigators have extensive expertise in conducting investigations for private clients, defence solicitors, and barristers.

 We customise our services for each unique case.

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