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Asset Trace
Pre-Sue & Asset Investigations for Financial Settlement 


Asset Trace UK & International Service.

The service to trace and locate hidden assets are throughout the UK and Worldwide. The information provided as legitimately sourced could be submitted to the court as evidence to substantiate any claim you make. Checking the status of a subject before starting court proceedings ensures if they are worth suing or not.

In divorce proceedings, one party may not reveal all of their assets. Asset trace searches attempt to uncover assets such as property investments, shares, and company directorships. 

Assets for Financial Settlement

Asset Trace Reports 

To Be Presented to the Courts

These evidence reports assist when resolving a financial settlement. The reports produced can be legally submitted to the courts as evidence. Asset searches include but are not limited to:

  • Property and ownership in the UK and overseas countries where searches are permitted

  • Shares in the UK and overseas

  • Investments

  • Stock that is business related.

  • Boats & Vehicles related finance

  • Businesses in the UK and overseas

  • Undeclared banking and accounts

 Case Management 

Our Experienced Team

The dedicated asset tracing team fully utilises all contemporary and traditional financial investigation techniques and resources to successfully identify hidden assets.


The asset tracing and searching services, which are often used together with our litigation support and financial investigation services, are available throughout the UK and countries overseas. 


This helps us quickly and effectively trace investments, ownership, acquisitions, and partnerships in the public, commercial, and private sectors.

Confidential Contact 

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In-Depth Pre-sue and Pre-Litigation Reports

Court Case Preparation


The purpose of this service is primarily to check the status of the subject before court proceedings. With this preparation, the pre-sue and pre-litigation reports will give value to the case. Also, the other objective of this necessary research will ensure that a substantial amount of money is not spent on a useless case before initiating legal proceedings.

The reports also include lifestyle information and are not limited to:

  •  Residential address confirmation including a field visit to confirm the facts of findings.

  • Aliases and lifestyle information

  • Employer information or account information on associated businesses

  • Bankruptcy and county court judgment information and credit history if relevant

  • Criminal court appearances

  • Previous court appearances 

  • Homeownership with estimated values

  • Social network and OSINT information with any web domains

  •  Vehicles with information on vehicle finance 

  • Visible assets, such as cars, boats, 

  • Investments and Shares 

  • Financial implications and restrictions

  • Intellectual property right

  • Known Associations

Asset Trace International 

" Follow the Money"


We are able to conduct searches both domestically and internationally.

This is to discover assets that have been carefully kept hidden in international properties and businesses.

To put it simply, asset tracing is the process by which investigators “follow the money.” Every case is unique. Investigators trace assets by conducting financial investigations, during which they determine a subject's assets, examine the revenue generated and any fraud and follow its trail.

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What Our Clients Say

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