Child Maintenance Trace    

Average success rate 98% 

No Trace No Fee


How to start your trace 

Send your enquiry with the following information:
Your ex-partners full name, last known address and date of birth.

We understand the urgency so we aim to provide the current U.K. address for the ex-spouse / partner on the 24 - 48 hour Service.

The individual will not be aware that they are subject to an investigation.We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office 

Once you have completed the enquiry form a member of our team will contact you. We need to understand more about your case and the best ways to discreetly progress with the compliant searches. 

Basic Trace Fee starts at £80.00

You may need more information to assist your case and the basic asset trace is a cost effective way to provide more information.  

Need a Basic Asset Trace?   Fee starts at £120.00

What is a basic asset trace?

When you require a compliant and discreet report that does not leave a footprint on an Individuals credit file.

Our reports are good value as provide a high level of due diligence information on the individual so a perfect source of knowledge.  Excellent for use as a background or asset check, are often used for tenant checks plus  “If worth suing” reports with Identity Verifications. Also provides any "linked" or associated addresses.

This service includes the current address for the individual and provides more information links for example the U.K properties owned or part owned by the subject.

Send your enquiry here: