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M Private Investigations' Commitment to Legal and Ethical Surveillance

M Private Investigations' Commitment to Legal and Ethical Surveillance

Phone.  020 3930 3233  Email.  M Private Investigations Ltd 191 - 193 High Street, Hampton Hill, London, TW12 1NL  ​  Data Protection Number ZA135954     ​  The Principal of M Private Investigations Ltd is a member of the Association of British Investigators, which is working with the Law Society of England & Wales and is included in the Law Society of Scotland Approved Supplier Scheme  ​  The World Association of Professional Investigators  The United Kingdom Professional Investigators

Areas of Specialization

M Private Investigations takes pride in its versatility, offering expertise in a range of investigative areas:

  1. Matrimonial Matters: Uncovering the truth in delicate situations involving relationships and family matters.

  2. Fraud Investigations: Identifying and exposing fraudulent activities, and safeguarding businesses and individuals from financial losses.

  3. Employee Relations and Theft: Investigating workplace issues, including theft and employee misconduct, to maintain a secure and ethical work environment.

  4. Contract Infringement: Ensuring contractual agreements are honored and taking action against any breaches.

  5. Sick Leave Claims: Verifying the legitimacy of sick leave claims to protect businesses from potential abuse.

  6. Insurance Fraud: Investigating false claims, such as injuries at work or benefit fraud, on behalf of local authorities.

  7. Copyright Infringement Cases: Protecting intellectual property by addressing and resolving copyright infringement matters.

Legal and Ethical Standards

The backbone of M Private Investigations is a steadfast commitment to legality and ethics. Our agency not only complies with all laws and acts relevant to investigative services but goes above and beyond by adhering to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). This commitment, though not legally required, is integral to our work and sets a high standard for the entire industry.



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