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How to Hire a UK Process Server to Serve Court and Legal Papers

Updated: May 9, 2023

A typical court case involves a somewhat challenging legal procedure. As a result, you can discover that you need to employ a process server. This person will personally deliver official documents to the specified addressee. By following this procedure, the recipient can't claim they haven't received the legal documents by mail or that they have previously denied receiving them.

Due to the fact that posted documents may be misplaced in the mail, tracked parcels may be signed by unintended receivers, and people may relocate without telling you, a process server is an essential tool for finding the recipient and personally visiting their home or place of employment. Additionally, keep in mind that most services of legal documents must be served by a third party including the precise professional statement of proof indicating who, what, where, and when the service of the document took place. To be in compliance, this is crucial. Here are some things you should know before employing a process server.

Does the process server have an ICO (Information Commissioners Office) registration?

The professional process server must be registered with the ICO, and respect and comply with personal data legislation because the papers will contain private and confidential personal information.

Is the process server a member of a regulatory body?

Members are accountable and are required to be qualified. Members agree to updated criminal record checks plus hold full insurance.

How much will I be charged for each service of the process?

Is VAT additional? Is there a set cost, or will I be charged for each attempt at serving legal documents?

Will the process server make several tries at the service address?

Where will the process server make the personal service of legal documents?

What kind of proof does the process server provide?

Be sure that the process server is experienced with the knowledge to provide the correct proof of service for the legal document.

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