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What exactly is Asset Tracing and how can it support your Divorce Court case?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Asset Tracing sometimes referred to as Asset Tracking, is the process by which highly skilled investigators review and follow any financial amounts over time.

What exactly is Asset Tracing and how can it support your Divorce Court case?

M Private Investigations trace assets by conducting thorough financial investigations, during which they determine a subject's assets, examine the history of how assets were obtained and follow its paper trail meticulously.

In our latest post, we will explore the key benefits of asset tracing, exactly how assets trace

reports are generated, and how they can be utilised within any divorce-related legal matter.

When dealing with a divorce or legal separation, both parties should be upfront about

all their assets, as it's the only way to make sure a divorce financial settlement is fair

for everyone involved.

However, it is not uncommon for some individuals to try and

hide or move assets around to favour themselves. An asset tracing report and

investigation can uncover all the relevant financial assets that can be used in a

divorce case, meaning often a much larger settlement figure can be obtained.

We often get asked what is involved with Asset Tracing?

Asset tracing commences with full background intelligence research undertaken through online data sources.

The on-site searches of various public filings. Investigators examine financial

information and digital records, such as the HM land registry. Then

by tactfully analysing commercial databases and social media platforms,

investigators obtain gain more intelligence.

"Divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things you can go through. Money spent on getting mad or getting even is money wasted". Richard Wagner

Why would Asset Tracing be needed in a divorce case?

As mentioned, it is not unusual for people to try and hide assets to make themselves

financially favourable in a divorce proceeding. We have countless experiences of

using our intelligence and networks to find hidden assets from your spouse, M

Private Investigations will discreetly look at any tax returns, property ownership, and

employment records to obtain a fully documented asset report to use within the divorce


How do I find hidden assets in a divorce?

If you feel as though your spouse may not disclose all their assets ahead of a legal

separation, instructing a private investigator may prove beneficial to your case in the


Asset tracing looks for assets including offshore accounts, stock holdings, real estate

interests, and directorships in companies. All of which can be deemed as available

capital, income, and financial assets in a divorce court proceeding.

The main aim of an asset tracing or tracking service and report is to check the

subject's status prior to court hearings.

The pre-sue and pre-litigation reports will provide value to the case and ensure full transparency of the financial assets available.

This is to provide value to the case and ensure full transparency of the financial assets

available. An asset tracing report can also help you clarify the type of amount you

could be entitled to during a divorce proceeding, before starting an official proceeding

and investing in hiring solicitors.

What types of assets are traced in Asset Tracing?

Here at M Private Investigations, we have first-hand experience of the different ways

that people try to hide assets and that’s why performing an asset check is essential,

especially in a divorce case. Types of hidden assets that we have successfully

traced have ranged from properties held under private company names to the secret

offshore accounts.

It’s important to start the asset tracing process with a full background check. Often,

a large amount of information is already in the public domain, and more can be

accessed using our services and utilisng our networks. Once information is

obtained and complied with, we will ensure any leads are followed up in a disciplined and

discreet way.

The different types of records and information we may look at could include but are not

limited to, audit documents, personnel records, and company filings. We may also make onsite visits to linked addresses in the U.K. and overseas.

We may also discreetly talk to neighbours, colleagues, and family to build a clear picture.

Also, use public sources such as land registry and vehicle information. We

will also explore social media and internet digital research to gain insights and

information about a person’s lifestyle and assets to add to the report.

Asset searches could involve, but not be limited to:

  •  Property and Ownership in the UK and other nations where searches are permitted.

  • UK stocks and international investments

  •  Stock with a business

  •  Finance pertaining to Property, Boats, and Vehicles

  •  Businesses both domestically and abroad

  •  Undeclared Unreported Accounts and Banking

Is Asset Tracing legal?

People often ask us or are worried if obtaining an asset trace for their divorce case is

above board and legal.

In simple terms, asset tracing or asset tracking is a completely legal process of locating something of value to an individual or company that has been misappropriated.

Many individuals conceal assets from loved ones.

Individuals conceal assets fearing they will be taken in a separation, divorce settlement or financial fallout.

The purpose of an asset tracing service is for companies or individuals to establish the

financial profile of an individual or entity, thus ensuring your settlement is fair and


Asset tracing or asset tracking falls under the legal term of a pre-litigation report or

pre-sue reports, which are financial status enquiries whereby investigations take place

to ascertain whether it is worth suing a person or company.

We work within the law.

M Private Investigations ensure all our information is obtained discreetly and confidentially, offering you the key information required ahead of any court proceedings.

How long do Asset Tracing reports take and much do they cost?

Asset Trace Investigations basic reports are currently finished within 10 days

although depending on the complexity can take longer. However, we can offer an

express asset trace service for court hearings that are imminent. Together with you

or your solicitor, our investigators will produce the necessary court documentation to

support your claim within the desired time scale.

We can offer basic asset tracing reports for as little as £480.00 or we can offer a

more in-depth report for a slightly larger amount. Each case and report can be

quoted on a case-by-case basis to suit your needs. The small cost to produce an

asset tracing report is often a tiny percentage of the hidden assets revealed to

support your divorce settlement.

If you suspect that assets may have been hidden from you, please get in touch with

us for a no-obligation discussion on your needs and ensure you get a fair divorce

settlement that is based on true data and facts.

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