Workplace investigations

Fair  Reasonable  Independent 

Conducting Professional Workplace Investigations

What do you do when you need to investigate a matter independently and fairly?

The answer is to outsource to a trained investigator experienced in workplace investigations and who has knowledge of any legal issues that  could be involved.


What we do


Balance of Probabilities


1  We establish with you the plan on what is  to be investigated. 

2  We identify and make contact with the relevant people who may be required to attend the investigation meeting.

3  We gather evidence that may be needed.

4. We Interview the parties involved and ask questions and record the answers.


5. We prepare and submit the formal investigation report complying with ACAS guidelines and provide recommendations as required.


Act promptly


When a workplace investigation is required start as soon as possible as witnesses will find it easier to remember the facts and an employee is shown that their matter has been taken seriously.


No Obligation   No Fee Consultation

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