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A person may need to be traced and contacted for a number of reasons, a few examples are as follows: a witness for a court hearing or to serve a legal document, to proceed with an insurance claim, contact an old work colleague, for child maintenance to inform ex of divorce proceedings or to find a tenant, find an heir for inheritance or a family member. As private investigators we utilise powerful electronic systems that are continuously updating and monitoring plus manual checks. We  then provide the trace reports quickly by email. Your final report provides you with the contact details for the person that you are searching.

We can help you trace individuals where processing personal data is compatible with the Data Protection Act utilising several data sources. The researchers in our tracing team are all keen to go the extra mile to complete the searches for you as quickly as possible.  
Fees start at £80.00 no trace - no fee for a trace in the UK.


 Overseas Trace 

For the overseas trace service please contact us so we can establish the work required and provide your quote.

Enhanced Trace and Locate Service  

Sometimes a person can be traced within hours other times when more complex it takes a little longer. An investigator may need to attend the location and discreetly make enquiries. Understandably there is a fee for this service so please contact us for your quote.

Full Due Diligence Check with PEP / Sanctions

This service is perfect for entities that must demonstrate an AML check has been carried out.The full Due Diligence Check Background Report service is suitable for AML and KYC checks and Identity Checks plus includes a search against the Politically Exposed Persons Register (PEP) and a Sanctions Search.

It is suitable for AML, KYC and Identity Checks under the regulations

How to tell us what and who you need to find

Send us a message and explain the reasons for the trace. We will discuss the matter with you to be sure that you do not take a data protection risk.

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