How to serve divorce papers

How can I serve my divorce papers?

M Private Investigations are fully insured and provide professional process servers to serve the divorce papers on your spouse.

How do I prove my spouse has been served with the divorce papers?

The process server will provide a statement as a third party witness so this is the proof that the papers have been served and then the divorce process can continue.

The serving of divorce papers is informing your spouse that divorce proceedings have now begun. These papers explain important information, including the grounds for the divorce. This formal procedure for serving divorce papers is so the courts have the proof that the respondent has received the papers.

How do I serve divorce papers on an elusive spouse who has not returned the acknowledgement?

If a spouse is ignoring the divorce papers, elusive or address is unknown it will be necessary to show the Courts all the efforts that have been made to track down the elusive spouse.

In this situation hiring the Process Server will provide you with a Statement of Attempted service and this states all the reasonable steps made to bring the divorce petition to the attention of the spouse depending on the situation.

The Court must be satisfied that all reasonable efforts have been made to serve the papers on your spouse before the divorce process can progress.

Need evidence for Divorce Proceedings?

How Hiring a Private Investigator Can Help You Gain Evidence in Your Divorce Proceedings

A divorce can be a complicated legal process that takes many different factors and situations into account. If you have a reason to gather additional evidence to support your position, then you may consider hiring a private investigator.

An investigator can help to find proof of infidelity, theft, or deception. This makes them a very valuable resource to have, and you can hire them to make sure that you have the upper hand during a divorce case.

The Rules of the Game

Now technically, if you’re going to hire a private investigator, you have to understand there’s a couple of rules involved.

This isn’t quite like the movies or TV shows!

What Can an Investigator Access?

An investigator can have access to a broad selection of tools to make sure that they can provide the evidence you require for the divorce proceedings. For example, they may request access to public records, have the proficiency to conduct background checks, and offer surveillance packages to suit your budget.

What Can A Private Investigator Provide Evidence For?

A private investigator can offer quite a few services when it comes to the divorce proceedings process.

For example, a private investigator can report on the activity of an individual legally. This means if you have any concerns about infidelity or attempts of deception, a private investigator will be able to clear these up.

A private investigator can aim to establish that you have a better understanding of facts when it comes to assets, as well as making sure that the spousal maintenance that is being requested for or of you is fair and sensible.

Furthermore, a private investigator can provide more evidence to help support you during a custody dispute.

Here at M Private Investigations Ltd, we can make sure that you have a professional on the case. Divorce proceedings can become a very tough thing to have to navigate, so it’s essential to make sure that you have adequate support in this arena.

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