How to serve divorce papers

How can I serve my divorce papers?





M Private Investigations are fully insured and provide professional process servers to serve the divorce papers on your spouse.






How do I prove my spouse has been served with the divorce papers?



 The process server will provide a statement as a third party witness so this is the proof that the papers have been served and then the divorce process can continue.


The serving of divorce papers is informing your spouse that divorce proceedings have now begun. These papers explain important information, including the grounds for the divorce.
This formal procedure for serving divorce papers is so the courts have the p
roof that the respondent has received the papers. 



The Courts in the UK will not accept as effective service if you give these documents to your spouse yourself.  This is how our process servers can assist you.



How do I serve divorce papers on an elusive spouse?


If a spouse is ignoring the divorce papers, elusive or address unknown it will be necessary to show the Courts all the efforts that have been made to track down the elusive spouse.


In this situation hiring the Process Server will provide you with a Statement of Attempted service and this states all the reasonable steps made to bring the divorce petition to the attention of the spouse depending on the situation.



The Court must be satisfied that all reasonable efforts have been made to serve the papers on your spouse before the divorce process can progress.


M Private Investigations provide a full solution service with professional process servers, qualified private Investigators plus we operate a trace and locate service to track down an elusive subject.




Based in West London with associates throughout the UK and overseas.




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