Is my partner cheating on me?

Has your partner been acting strangely recently? Have you noticed some distance or a change in behaviour and you are wondering whether they might be cheating on you. Maybe you feel like you are getting paranoid and don't know where to turn?

A number of factors could indicate that your spouse is committing infidelity, whether it be lowering their voice whilst on phone calls suddenly, spending less time at home, spending more time 'at work' or 'with friends'. These are more subtle clues, unfortunately it isn't always waving great big red flags.

It is important to listen to yourself, if your gut instinct is telling you that something is not right, then acknowledge it. Intuition is key, I have listed below top 5 red flags of contributing factors that could indicate that your partner is have an affair.

Cheating partner

#1 Your partner is more irritable with you, or easily annoyed, snappy & argumentative.

If infidelity has taken place, the cheater may attack you and push your buttons on order to make themselves justify and feel better about why they have committed adultery. By creating a more hostile environment it will make themselves feel better and as though they are doing the right thing or feel like you deserve it.

#2 Your partner is suddenly more withdrawn and distant.

Your partner may be less interested in intimacy, communicating and being in your company as much. The cheater may be losing interest and appear to not have time to listen or care about your problems anymore. Often cheaters maybe zoning out from the relationship and generally become more selfish as their priority into someone else has shifted.

#3 They are more unavailable via methods of communication with you.

Your partner maybe not talk or message as much as they used too, they may be coming up with every excuse under the sun as to why they did not reply to you or answer the phone at a specific time. They might change their privacy settings on WhatsApp so that you cannot challenge them as to when they were last online or hide certain sections on social media accounts such as facebook so you cannot ask them why they updated their status, commented or became friends with...... but could not reply to you during this time.

#4 They are looking after themselves & taking more care in their appearance.

If you partner changes their behaviour and is suddenly hitting the gym loads, returning late from work dressed up and smelling great then it could be that they are trying to impress someone that isn't you. Are they buying new clothes and/or underwear and not wearing them for you? If there are a number of contributing factors that do not begin to add up then it is important to try to establish the reasons.

#5 They are more secretive and sensitive about their phone all of a sudden.

Evan if you are still spending time with your other half, do you find that they are paying more attention to their phone, tablet or computer? Have they recently changed or updated their passwords and not shared them with you when they normally would? Are they doing strange things like taking their phone with them in the shower whereby they normally would leave it hanging around? Chances are they up to something that they do not want you to be aware of. If this behaviour is recent and the change in behaviour only applies to section 5 then it could be very innocent, such as planning a surprise for you, so avoid going in all guns blazing!

If you feel that you can relate to any of the above and have suspicions and wish to find out the facts, then you can do something about it. You no longer need to feel alone or that you are going crazy, you can take control and do something about it.

Our agency specialises in covert surveillance and can undertake a covert operation on your spouse without them being made aware. Our agents at M Private Investigations Ltd will ensure that it is completely confidential and present you with any evidence witnessed formulated in a report. There is a facility whereby our agents can keep you posted throughout the live operation via text, prices are very reasonable and start at £60.00 per hour.

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