Teddington Private Investigator

Difficult situations happen to good people - every case M Private Investigations work on is given the sensitivity and care you would expect and are entitled from a professional private investigation service.

Everyday we are assigned a wide range of investigation tasks and some are more sensitive than others - all cases are important to us and confidential.

For example recently a commercial landowner needed us to provide evidence regarding fly tipping on his land.

A parent had concerns that their teenager was mixing with undesirable people and worried about their childs whereabouts.

A landlord and landlady had reason to believe that their tenants were subletting and in breach of the lease agreement.

A spouse had reason to believe that the trust had left the relationship and there was suspicion of an affair.

Do keep in mind when considering hiring an investigator that the private investigation in itself does not guarantee the results that you may hope for.

The further information that’s obtained from the investigation can reveal unexpected results.

Our business is to provide you with the unbiased facts with clear and concise reports to help you reach your solution.

Process servers and enquiry agents

In the past week our process servers have

served dozens of legal documents and our enquiry agents provided litigation support for legal firms and individual private clients around London and the UK.

If you are facing a difficult situation and need assistance to establish facts, have legal documents to serve, or just need more information you can contact us and a member of our team will help you.

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