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Surveillance - Surrey - private investigators in Surrey

We regularly work with private clients, assist solicitors and corporate companies in and around the Surrey area.

Surveillance is a fundamental part of primary investigations and is applied for a number of reasons, primarily in order to obtain hard evidence for matrimonial, proving or disproving infidelity, domestic, fraud, criminal & commercial cases.

Proving infidelity, Surrey surveillance

M Private Investigations Ltd's experts record lawful, true evidence through a variety of methods, mainly through irrefutable video and photographic and written reports depending on the desired end goal.

Our operatives are fully equipped with the latest equipment, which

are carefully selected for your bespoke personal investigation, all

investigators at M Private Investigations operate under a strict

ethical and moral code, court compliant and all evidence gained

is acquired lawfully.

Please see below main categories whereby surveillance is applied:​

  • Fraud – Insurance / benefit / Illness / injury

  • Employee negligence / theft

  • Suspected cheating spouse

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