Relationship Investigations

People come to us when there is a concern.

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Our relationship private investigators are understanding experienced professionals no matter how complex the situations will remain unshakable.

Where there are worries about what and where the truth is we can help.

The risks of living in a "not knowing lifestyle" can upset the basic physiological needs of self- esteem, self - respect and general health.

For us every case has differences so every day is different. The case managers and private investigators work for clients that have various reasons to be suspicious.

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It maybe that the trust has left a relationship and there is a suspicion that a partner or spouse is having an affair.

This digital age makes opportunity for instant contact discreet and simpler ... however there is always a trace.

The private investigators can legally use an array of modern technology, equipment and resources to provide evidence of truth.

When on matrimonial surveillance we assess the behaviour patterns of the subject based on the information from the person initiating the investigation.

We then look for an opportunity to gain the evidence as swiftly as possible and in the

most cost - effective way for all our clients.

What You Can Expect

Sometimes married people and those in a long term committed relationship feel unsure about hiring a private investigator can feel obligated to keep suppressing their suspicions.

When we receive the first call from an anxious client we understand that they are at the final stage of really needing to know and want to bring an end to living a broken life with lies and deception.

The situation is clear cut, if a spouse has broken a marriage contract it's the adultery that has broken the contract!

Our private investigators get proof of adultery for a divorce petition or to prove a spouse’s unacceptable behaviour.

The obligation sits with who broke the contract first and needs to be proved to bring a conclusion.

The truth of the fact finding provides a personal investment.

A freedom to make decisions on the future and on the legal situation particularly where there are shared finances, children and a home at stake. Read more

Cohabitation Evidence

In other cases some post-divorce cohabitation’s will have an impact on maintenance payments so the evidence uncovered by us can be significant to a family and for asset-tracing, when there is a suspicion that money or property is being hidden.

Sometimes a parent is concerned that their child is mixing with inappropriate people and needs to know for sure.

The information we obtain can help the parent to understand any changes in their child's behaviour and protect their future.

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We help open the truth when domestic affairs are at risk.

The only way to move from the unknown is to acquire the relevant facts to enable growth and healing so typically the outcomes of a domestic private investigation play an important role for this.

Other times we find that the suspicions are unfounded and unless you tell... no one knows an investigation has been implemented.

Your report will explain in an easy to understand format the details of the investigation and the conclusion. Read more

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Each and every case that M Private Investigations work on is given the sensitivity and care you would expect and are entitled from a professional private investigator service.

Once we understand your unique situation we discuss with you how we can offer a solution in the most time effective and cost - effective way.

The Private investigator industry is still unregulated in the UK so there are a number of associations and bodies which our company is a member of and our investigators work within the Data Protection Act and related laws at all times.

Get in touch with M Private Investigations Ltd today and experience the difference of working with a fully insured professional and regulated Private Investigation Firm that cares about protecting your privacy as well as successfully delivering your solutions.