Why choose a Process Server?

 If you need to personally deliver legal documents to an individual or business, a Process Server acts as a neutral third party. Hiring an experienced and regulated Process Server is very important to ensure that the job is carried our correctly, lawfully and in a timely manner.


Private clients and law firms utilise the services of Process Servers for speed, skill, knowledge of the law & high level of success rates.


A process server is required to deliver a variety of legal documents, they are also trained to make discreet enquiries with neighbours or colleagues in order to track down the subject and sometimes trace the defendant in order to successfully carry out the personal service.


Process Servers generally work 7 days a week including evenings and weekends and provide updates on how the serve is progressing.


Many Law firms use our process server service because a high success rate of legal documents successfully served reduces risk in costly delays in court proceedings or at worse a full case dismissal.


Private individuals also frequently use our services, all of our agents operate within the law to ensure service is carried out legitimately.


After service is complete, our agent provides a proof of service by completing a statement or certificate & sworn affidavit when required. This is the supporting document that states the time and date, method and how the identity was proven of the person who was served which can be used in court.


If the Process Server is unable to serve the documents, then a signed declaration or witness statement is provided, stating the attempts to serve the specified party and provide detailed information of such attempts. 



Need a quote?


Contact 020 8408 4004


Email info@mprivateinvestigations.co.uk


 Flat fee to include 3 attempts of service and the statement or certificate of proof of service.

*An additional £7 is in additional when

a sworn affidavit is required.





The price of a service of process can differ throughout the UK

Urgent serves (on the same day) are a higher rate fee.

Regulated Process Servers are required to operate within the law to ensure service is legal.


Need advice?


If you are requiring the services of a professional Process Server in the UK or overseas contact

M Private Investigations Ltd Process Serving Team associates in the industry throughout the UK and worldwide.

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