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Private Investigators provide a range of services for private & commercial Landlords and Landladies throughout the UK and overseas, who have reason to have concerns about their property assets. There could be a suspicion that the current tenants are subletting, conducting anti social behaviour or illegal activities at the property.

Tenants who have breached contract

In order to prove that your tenants are breaching their contract you will need hard evidence and there are a number of things that can be done.

For example; Conduct a surveillance operation by gaining video footage, photographic still images & intelligence with written reports provided by experienced operatives.

Approach neighbours and nearby businesses who could have been effected by any anti social behaviour and these witness statements act as supporting evidence.

Once enough evidence is collated, the landlord can produce this and is often issued an accelerated possession order, so enables the property owner to evict tenants quickly.

Background Checks

Most landlords rent their property via a property management company or letting agency as the agent will act as a middle man by doing all the work on behalf of the landlord, standard due diligence is undertaken but the process is sometimes more of a tick box exercise as the agent has a strong desire to fill the property in order to make sure they hit targets & get their commission.

Many landlords have opted for a more in depth background check with us to gain a bigger picture and an accurate account of the individuals renting the property; this prevents any nasty surprises down the line. This also applies to commercial properties that are rented via a ‘middle man’, the checks are often limited to the company and not its directors.

By choosing to have a full background check undertaken with us for a private individual or commercial prospective tenant you will gain a detailed overall report which you can then judge for yourself whether you would like to proceed or not, thousands of pounds have been saved by following this small additional process

Tracing absconded Tenants

If a tenant has absconded with rent arrears or caused damage to the property, tracing the individuals for damages is essential in order for prosecution. Our tracing team will establish a current address, we operate on a no find no fee basis and we aim to provide a result within 48 hours.

Sub Letting

This can be a real headache for landlords who have reason to believe subletting activities. To be able to prove exactly who is occupying a property requires skill and discreet inquiries. You may suspect that your tenant is subletting a room or even the whole property so gaining hard evidence is crucial.

Private investigators undertake surveillance at the premises gathering any supporting evidence discovered which can include witness statements from neighbours, supporting documents plus photographic evidence.

If you are a the owner of a property and have concerns then contact a regulated private investigator to discuss your options so you can decide how you wish to progress.

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