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Need to investigate your customer service?

HOW TO Investigate Your Customer Service​

Customer service levels for your company are often one key area of business that can be difficult to evaluate.

In our world today positive or negative online reviews provide indications of your employees’ attitude and service towards your customers so for business owners is another important job to manage.

M Private Investigations understand how business owners and managers work hard to manage customer service levels and their reviews and customer complaints can be difficult to validate.

This is one of the main reasons why businesses will contact our team at M Private Investigations as we perform mystery shopping services on behalf of a wide range of business services and corporations.

You may require long term assignments over a period of weeks where particular issues have been highlighted, or random checks that your company reputation is constantly maintained.

When you need a third party to be your "eyes and ears" a mystery shopper service performed by a private investigator is precisely what you need.

Our investigators act as customers and purchase a particular product or service from your business.

They will ask questions about the product or service and then monitor your employees’ response and ability to respond to the situation.​

How would You like us to Work?​

At M Private Investigations we offer specially trained male and female mystery shopper services to clients across London, UK and overseas.

Before each assignment we discuss your concerns with you and your company’s goals of the required standard of customer service.

Our professional private investigators will then attend the site and assume the appearance of an average customer of your business to obtain the information that you need.

After the task our investigator will provide your update by phone or text and your detailed written reports emailed.​​​

When you have concerns about your customer service and would like to find the reasons contact

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