Female UK Private Investigators

M Private Investigations Ltd is owned and run by qualified and professional female investigators who have many years of investigation experience.

Our lady PI's work on all the full range of private investigation assignments 24 hours a day

7 days a week for private individuals, legal firms, local authorities and businesses.

Surveillance one day could be for a matrimonial case the next for a business who requires the monitoring of customer service or brand protection as a mystery shopper.

Every week our female investigators serve legal documents and provide affidavits providing the constant flow of the process serving service, take witness statements, monitor properties for landladies and landlords who have subletting concerns, trace and asset trace for clients with a legitimate interest and observation and surveillance assignments.

Woman seem to be programmed at multi-tasking, a highly trained professional female private investigator is very well respected within ‘The PI World’.

Female private investigators have huge advantages when working as are often underestimated! Which often is a perfect fit for cases of a sensitive nature and extremely useful when undertaking discreet enquiries & surveillance.

For example someone contacted us very recently as the family had concerns about their youngest daughter aged 14 years meeting with an older man.

A few photos taken after a short follow by a woman P.I. from M Private Investigations provided the evidence needed for the parents to then show the daughter that they knew about these meetings that the teenager had previously denied.

Our female detectives often assist our male colleagues from various regulated private investigator firms in the UK and overseas when a female subject is to be visited as required to provide a witness statement or to be observed by a static or mobile covert surveillance.

Team work with our male PI colleagues means we utilise our strengths and expertise as required to gain evidence.

For example a male sitting in a car or on a bench for a long period may cause suspicion.

A male and female sitting in a car together or on a bench? Unlikely to get a second look.

Our age range for the female private eye team varies from private investigators in their 20's 30's even 60's so if you feel you would like to discuss your concern with a lady PI contact.

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Mixed team of male and female private Investigators

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