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Employee Exit Due Diligence Checks

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Do you believe that departing employees have stolen data from your company?

According to a recent survey, 59% of employees who either quit or are asked to leave the company later take sensitive company data with them. 65% of respondents to the research confirmed obtaining proprietary and sensitive information, which could have a negative impact on the commercial competitiveness of their former employer and lead to a data breach.

employee theft due diligence

employee exit due diligence

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Employee Exit Due Diligence Checks

Do you have the laptops, tablets, and phones of your departing employees inspected to check for signs of intellectual property theft?

Particularly those who could possibly work for a direct rival company?

Many businesses as part of the exit process for employees whether a voluntary departure, contract expiration, or retirement run checks on their company computers and mobile phones as part of the Employee Exit Due Diligence Checks

Today it is easier than ever for employees to easily steal your company's intellectual property via a USB memory stick or portable hard drive, followed by email attachments and cloud storage for example Google Drive or Dropbox. Customer details and lead lists can be stolen, research designs and development information pricing contract details, personal details and data, business private data, and other priceless information are typical targets for IP theft.

Some are dissatisfied, on the verge of getting fired or relocating to work for a rival. Additionally, they might not be leaving at all and instead be continuing to work for their existing employer while stealing data for their financial gain.

How we can help - The majority of digital IP thefts leave a number of undetectable tracks on the machine or storage system where they were taken or stored.

M Private Investigations forensic team will discover whether data was downloaded via a phone, CD, DVD, or a detachable USB storage device; this includes -

The brand and model of an external device, as well as when it was initially connected and last used;

locating and retrieving deleted data;

finding an electronic audit trail of the employee's printed documents;

analysis of internet usage data to find websites that the employee frequently visits and may be relevant evidence;

identifying, retrieving, and analysing potential digital evidence to be used as evidence in court proceedings through forensic imaging (making an exact, court-admissible duplicate of the employee's computer and mobile device);

If you think your departing employees are stealing data contact M Private Investigations at

Why departing employees have stolen data from your company.

We have discovered that employees may take different types of sensitive information for a variety of reasons, which are frequently connected to the reason for their leave. These include but are not limited to:

Intellectual property and trade secrets, corporate passwords, confidential personnel records, customer CRM databases, strategic company plans, financial records, and email lists.

In the face of overwhelming evidence and any possible future litigation, we investigate, preserve, and present the evidence of activity of the user's work computers, laptops, and mobile phones of the employee as part of the Employee Exit Due Diligence Checks

All facts of findings are compiled and given to you in an expert report.

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Following the submission of your inquiry, a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as they can. This person will be from the Investigation team, who can advise you on the best way to give digital evidence in connection with your case.


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