Business trip surveillance

A cheating spouse often uses the opportunity to engage in an extramarital

affair when away on a short break or business trip without their spouse or partner.

This is often a perfect time to catch your suspected partner of cheating.

When away from the routines of normal daily life and in another environment the

cheaters relax and stop being careful about who could see them together. 

If you think your husband or wife is cheating locally than sooner or later they will arrange a trip away often the under the guise of a business trip.

When they are away from home you may have difficulty contacting your spouse and then be given excuses such as poor mobile phone reception or business meetings that continued into the early hours.                                                                                 


You suspect that something isn’t feeling right and need to know the truth.

They may arrange a meeting at the location or travel together. Once you become aware of this planned journey and want more facts contact us as soon as possible. Business trip surveillance is highly effective. This could be the only way for you to discover for sure what is really happening. 

Your updates and reports

After each surveillance your written reports include time dated photographs and video. Brief live updates during the observation

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Business trip surveillance
business trip surveillance