Frequently Asked Questions

Process Server information

Q: I have just seen that I can't serve my documents myself and need a Process Server. What does Service of Process mean in the UK?

A: Service of process means enabling a response of a legal proceeding. The Process Server delivers the documents to the person/company to be served and provides evidence in the form of a statement or sworn affidavit.

Q. Help! I can't get divorced as my spouse has not returned the acknowledgement.

A. Contact us as soon as possible. We can help!

Q. How do I hire a Process Server?

A. Once your documents are ready to be served you can scan and email the attachments for us or post your documents to our offices. Then relax and wait for your updates as we do the rest!

Q. We have court documents to serve in England but we are not based in the U.K. Can you assist?

A. Yes, we will discuss with you the options including the Hague Protocol service or if you just need our affidavit to be notarised once the serve of documents is effected.

Q: We are the legal department at a local authority and need to know what types of court documents you can serve to work with us.

A: We assist many UK law firms, private individuals, businesses large and small and UK local authorities and daily serve all types of legal documents including:

Statutory Demands,  Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding Up Petitions,  Non-Molestation Order and Occupation Orders, Witness Summons, Possession Orders, N79a Suspended Committal Order, N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order, N39 Order To Attend Court, Prohibited Steps Orders and Divorce Petition other types of High court and County Court legal documents throughout the UK.​

Q. What happens if no one answers when you attend ?

A: We re-attend ! 

We also make enquiries to establish when the subject would normally be at the address so they can receive the documents in good time. The Process Server service is the best way to achieve the required response.


Q: How much does a Process Server cost? 

Service 24 hours 

7 days a week

A: The fee for a U.K. Process Server will vary between £95-£140 depending on the area in the UK. When you email or call us with the postcode area and the type of documents to serve we can provide your quote.

Q: What does the price include?

A: The UK National Process Servers flat fee service includes up to three visits as standard. This is including the witness statement to act as proof of service. There is a small additional fee for a sworn affidavit where required that includes the attendance at our solicitors and swear fee.  

Q. What happens if they say they have never been served?

A: Evidence for the court is provided by the Process Server that has personally served the document.

Q: I need help as I don’t know the subjects last known address. 

A: No problem! We have Trace and Locate experts to help us find subjects so the documents can be served.

Q: I know you work all over the U.K. but I need to serve documents in another country. 

A: We do cover the UK at a fixed fee and have many associates worldwide. Just let us know which country you need the documents to be served. The fee for international serve of documents does vary depending on the location and we are happy to provide your quote.

Q. When will I know that the documents have been served?

A: We update you immediately. 

Q. What times will you visit to serve my documents? 

A: Any time - Any place - Anywhere ! ( Well, almost anywhere ) 24 hour service 7 days a week.


Do you have a Question? 

Call us or email so we can help you.

Would you like to speak to a Process Server? 
Call 020 3930 3233

Or send us an email so we can help you too!


For documents that need personally serving in a place of private residence, place of work, at a police station, prison or on a company, our process servers will work on your behalf and we will work with you in order to serve the document within the given timeframe.


Service outside England and Wales. When you need a process service in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland please contact us for more information and your quotation.

 Please feel free to send the documents to us by email, if you wish to post the originals make sure you keep a copy for your records. 

The company M Private Investigations Ltd  has data protection registration with the ICO
full insurance cover and established several years ago, now one of the leading UK Private Investigation and Process Serving organisations in the U.K. providing a national and global service for law firms, businesses and private individuals.

Our Principal Investigator is a Member of The Association of British Investigators (ABI) & the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN) Plus holds IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators. Received an MA Degree in Criminology and BSc (Hons) in Forensic Science.